A Summary of #SMXIsrael 2014: Be Real, Sharable, & Social


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This was my first time attending #SMXIsrael, arguably the primary search engine marketing conference in Israel.

The session-packed conference featured some excellent speakers who covered the gamut of  industry issues confronting marketers after a year filled with changes.

The main topics covered included link building tactics, social media techniques for some of the major platforms, predictive search for wearable technologies, and content strategies to make content more sharable.

As I’ve done in the past, here’s a review of some of the major takeaways from the sessions that I attended.

SMX Israel organizer, Barry Schwartz started the day with an excellent overview of the most significant changes in search marketing took place over 2013.

Awesome Link Building Tactics & Ideas

Ari Nahmani from


started by explaining that the Web is no longer great equalizer and that to be successful in SEO, brands need to start thinking like big brands. Don’t work with BS companies and engage in Wil Reynolds strategy of #RCS.

A more holistic inbound marketing strategy will yield higher quality results since the old fashion link building tactics no longer work. It’s time to hustle and earn your links.

Yes, content is still king but to succeed you to engage in




Use sites like StumbleUponZite ( purely mobile), Poshfeed,  or Swavvy

Repurpose content by breaking it up into slides and then shared via slideshare (very successful with infographics).

Paid Acceleration

Bolsters the seeding process and can accelerate the marketing “flywheel.”


Reverse image search with a tool like Image raider;  Add “For a story” search query on tweet deck. A great automating platform is IFTTT to help eliminate the manual task of searching for content or communities who are seeking similar content.

Bottom line is hustle and earn links that you deserve

After Ari, Tom Harari from iAcquire offered some excellent insight on the psychology of persuasion and being human to help reach the right people in every niche industry.   


His presentation can viewed here, his 6 rules to influence the influencers were all based on The Wolf on Wall Street.

  • Great content is not good enough. It needs to pass the ‘so what?!’ test
  • Move from me to us- reciprocity. Never anticipate anything from anyone
  • Act like you belong. Establish Rapport/ expert in field
  • Keep it short
  • Make it easy to say yes
  • Anticipate objections

Big Content Strategies

A nice plug for Curiyo started the session.

Aaron Friedman, from


suggested that finding the ‘sweet spot’ between what users are looking for and what content delivers best results is essential to producing quality content.



Merry Moroud of

Spoke about analyzing community interests that will lead to better content.

Every brand should be drinking the Google+ KoolAid


Because content lives longer on the social page; faster indexing, most seeable in all social signals

Search G+ most recent and other hashtags to help identify trends from leaders.


Packaging content: go beyond the headline, tease content, add a bit of editorial.

Mobile SEO Strategies

mobile strategy


John Mueller  Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google
Identify who and what you are actually targeting on mobile. Is it a mobile user or user on a smartphone
Finding a working solution: Is there an advantage of different vs having same URL
Google recommendation responsive
1. Assists with Crawling
2. No redirects set up

Common Problems with Mobile:

Unnecessary interstitials (extra steps on mobile); Bad redirects on mobile; Broken redirects & errors – i.e blocking access to mobile.
Make sure to use webmaster tools to identify problems.

Just pull out your feature phones, smart phones, and tablet and try it out!

Mobile browsing is slow so make a lasting impression quickly!

Miriam Schwab – Illuminea: Responsive Site Tips

  • Put important information up front on the page.
  • CTA buttons should take up entire width of movie screen, so no zoom is not necessary
  • Mobile specific call to actions (call now, etc..)
  • Consider adding a desktop/responsive toggle on responsive sites.
  • Keep an eye on your mobile analytics for red flags.
  • Reading text is annoying on mobile, so use videos and images (that actually work!).
  • Don’t forget about responsive email.

Predictive Search: Glass, Google Now & Apple Siri

Unfortunately, the room was packed and couldn’t hear the session. Luckily, Gil Reich of Managing Greatness posted this about Google Now and Predictive and here’s Ari’s slideshare about Siri.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Techniques

Hillel started by saying that there is a inherent paradox with term social media. Social means two or more people and media usually implies pushing/ one way content. 


Shari Wright Pilo emphasized the conversation, listening, real time and inspirational aspect of this platform.


Laura Ben-David emphasized Facebook’s native ability to offer social care for core following, serve as a means to collect email addresses, and the ability to promote super fans.
Super fans they are core group- not affected by algorithm. Any brand should be leveraging these fans to help strengthen reach.


Here’s a video of Hillel Fuld’s presentation.

video credit: Yair Bar-On of TestFairy.


How to Make Sharable Content

Clifton Flack from




Why we share content

Strengthen social bond
Define/refine our identity
Status enhancements and reinforcements

Rules of creating sharable content
1. Understand target market
2. Define why would I share this
3. Embed the tools to enhance sharing

“Truth well told” embodies the entire mission advertising and marketing. (Harrison King McCann)

Kick starting the sharing process
1. Distribute through community
2. Enlist help of others
3. Add some budget

Track (set goal, analytical) Optimize (always be testing, remarketing) Repeat (follow the flow)

Ashley Tate   from BigDoor 


Content Consumed by millions. How to take it from being unbearable to sharable?

  • Content post-mortem
  • Audience personas (storytelling)- Why people are reading, engaging with you?
  • Topics brainstorm
  • Big picture goals, champion effort from content, which ideas seeded first, how stand out from others?
  •  Top down support (secure executive team  buy-in): As marketers, we’ve done a poor job tying content/social to money, we need to use data to prove value and content sitting at its core.
  • Marketing calendar- holy grail
  • Smart distribution focus on main audience driven campaigns, leverage paid channel, internally, and focus on influencers

 Whether you attended #SMXIsrael or not, how has your brand made their content more sharable, real or social? 

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