Rain or Shine

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City


As I mentioned in a recent post, this Thursday I will be running my first marathon. The full 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers. That’s a big deal. And I’m actually excited about the weather forecast. Not the least bit intimidated by the distance at all, okay maybe a bit. Allow me to explain.

I’m obsessing about something that is way out of my control- the less than stellar weather forecast for the marathon this Thursday morning.

Weather It Is Forecast
weather forecast from weather-it-is-israel.com as of 1/6/2013

I’m only slightly annoyed at the cosmic injustice of having trained for an elusive goal over nineteen weeks and having achieved spectacular fitness only to have my goals flouted by the arbitrariness of the weather. What will I do if the forecast is accurate and it pours on Thursday morning? The answer is simple. I will run. Perhaps not as fast as I originally hoped but at this point, there’s no going back. So I’ll get wet. Very Wet. And, guess what? I’ve done it before.

It seems that the marathon gods love watching me run in the rain. But guess what else? My track record of breaking a personal record in the rain is 100%. In fact, the last time I ran in the rain it actually hailed!

running in the rain
Me running in the Jerusalem 1/2 marathon (3.16.12)

So regardless of weather, I know one thing for sure- I will laugh about it after I’m done as I sniffle through my war story. I will also be able to revel in the primal joy of running in the rain like a mad fool. I will savor the experience and trade war stories with my running buddies. I can show my children and grandchildren that I ran in not one but TWO long distance races in the rain! Regardless of how many other full marathons I may run, this one, will be the most unforgettable.

Here are a few ways that I will be preparing myself:

  1. Garbage bag for wearing before the race. This will keep me dry and keep my body at a ‘normal’ body temperature.
  2. Cheap clothes as the top layer above my nice, comfortable running gear. I’ll be wearing some ratty clothing that my wife has asked me to chuck a few years ago, including a sweatshirt, hat and a cheap pair of gardening gloves. Hopefully, after mile 2 or 3 they will be my sacrifice to the running gods.
  3. Layers- most of my training has been with minimal layers. But in order to keep cool, dry and actually enjoy the race, I’m going to dress with extra layers and remove as necessary.


Hopefully the above forecast keeps improving and we’ll all have a nice, overcast, 55 degree, rain free day!

Good luck to all the runners!



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  • Good for you! I ran a 1/2 marathon in London and they had some silver thermal blankets that they gave us…but…brrrrr it still wasn’t enough in the rain. The more prepared you are…the better off you will be…and you have the right idea…I ran by a lot of peeled clothing. Good luck and have fun! ~Cathy

  • I have to say, I’m inspired! I am in the process of getting in shape, and just dreaming of the 5K, you my friend are way beyond that! Enjoy the challenge, and know that I’ll be here hoping you get your nice, overcast, 55 degree, rain free day!

    • Melissa
      I started out barely finishing a 5k 2 years ago. I would call my friends who were running longer distances fools. Guess who is laughing now?
      You can do it! Go for the gold!

  • Good luck, hopefully it doesn’t rain too hard!