Getting Ready for Huawei Connect 2017 in Shanghai #HWConnect

It still surprises me that some people around the world have not heard about Huawei.  The Chinese smartphone maker recently ranked #83 by Fortune among the world’s top 100 companies. Huawei is experiencing continued growth with 20% in the second quarter of 2017 alone, along with worldwide shipments of 38 million units, according to Canalys.

As Huawei continues to challenge Apple’s growth, this company is really focused on outpacing Samsung, the global market leader.

While Huawei’s goal to dominate the consumer handset market is attainable,  the Chinese tech company is already a global force that has leveraged its ability to partner with telcos to build stronger network infrastructures.  By partnering with global communication companies, Huawei is able to leverage existing technologies and provide meaningful value to consumers and global businesses.

In many ways, Huawei’s secret to success is through forging creative collaborations.

In a recent article featured in MarketingWeek, Huawei’s Western Europe CMO Andrew Garrihy explained that:

Our approach is to engage in a focused manner with our core target market by partnering with cultural institutions and experts…. At our core, we believe in the power of collective wisdom and the power of what we can achieve when we bring experts together from [different] fields…

Clearly, Huawei’s unique “go to market” strategy is working considering their recent successes.

Huawei Connect 2017, Shanghai, China


In two weeks, I will be attending Huawei Connect 2017 in Shanghai, China. As part of a select group of 18 Key Opinion Leaders from 12 countries, I will have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders, key partners, and influencers to discuss how Huawei is a global catalyst and enabler in fostering new opportunities for growth across all industries.

As this is not my first Huawei event, I know that that this event will be an inspiring series of sessions, workshops, and keynotes.

Which ones will I be attending? Probably all of them.

Here’s my shortlist for exploration at Huawei Connect 2017:

Digital Marketing and Transformation

Behind the entire digital revolution is the cloud. The cloud has become the driving force in transforming businesses, global communities and redefining personal interactions.  

Digital transformation means that consumers are demanding access to content at faster speeds. With their mobile devices in hand, consumers want to engage and interact with content from any device. These demands require seamless connectivity, converged networks accessible across any device, and unique services at optimal quality.

On a more practical level, I’m eager to learn from Huawei how they successfully leverage digital marketing platforms, social media, and other digital assets to engage with customers while still focusing on business efforts. As a global brand, there are many factors to consider and each region has a variety of channels and tools that need to be considered.

AR/ VR and Mixed Reality

With digital transformation flourishing, more emerging technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and AI are paving the road to a new technological renaissance that will certainly change the digital experience for communities worldwide.

I look forward to hearing from thought leaders and members of the Huawei team on:

  1. The impact of virtual reality augmented reality and wearables in business.
  2. Business development manager for enterprise wearables, Huawei is working to protect the data on phones, tablets, and wearables.  
  3. What makes smart watches/wearables help businesses run more efficiently?

Smart Cities

Working with the city of Jerusalem on many digital and new media opportunities, I know that there are many challenges that the city, as well as many global cities, faces as it strives towards achieving real ‘smart city’ status.   

During Huawei Connect 2017, I hope to meet follow up with Vice President for Government and Public Utility Sector at Huawei Enterprise, Edwin Diender, on a Facebook Live webinar, for Huawei Key Opinion Leaders, as well as expand the conversation with other leaders about:

  1. Building smart cities is an expensive project that at this point is inevitable, especially considering the expectations in terms of return on investment.  Are there alternatives for governments? Are there considerations of ROI that surpass dollars and cents?
  2. Outlining the ideal smart city, how can a city identify the key issues to overcome the initial resistance
  3. What solutions (easy, medium, more difficult)  can be constructed to deal with those issues and how to make the city run efficiently and prosper for decades to come.
  4. How much privacy will citizens have to sacrifice in order to feel safer and have their data shared with the municipality, developers and other citizens through open data programs?


Recently, Forbes released its list of the Most Valuable Brands of 2017. As the only Chines brand making the list, Huawei ranked 88th with a brand value of $7.3 billion, up by 9% YoY.

While there are many factors to Huawei’s success, the consumer market certainly played a significant role in the company’s brand ranking.

Starting with its flagship P series and Mate series, Huawei is influencing the top tier segment of smartphones, with the P9/ P9 Plus selling over 12 million units in the world, becoming its 1st flagship model selling over 10 million units.

A few months ago, I made the big switch to an Android device with the Mate 9, I can’t wait to explore and test other Huawei devices including, their new watch, the P10, and the MateBook X. While the specs are easy to find, hearing from the product team about the inspiration for these impeccably designed products is what I’m interested to learn.


Overall, Huawei Connect 2017 will certainly be an interesting converging of the greatest minds surrounding a broad range of topics all related to the cloud and digitization. With many more sessions, summits, and keynotes in the Huawei Connect schedule, I’m sure that other opportunities will emerge.  

Did I miss any topics?

Looking forward to sharing all of the insights as they unfold.


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