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It takes a City: How Twitter helped change the global perception of Jerusalem #tbexjlm

  How did Jerusalem, a city so rich with history and charged with bias, change popular opinion? How a conversation on Twitter spawned an international conference of influential travel bloggers in Jerusalem. When you think about Jerusalem do you imagine it as a city that is vibrant or sexy?  This is a story that spans […]

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10 Ways the New ICT technologies will Change Enterprise Innovation

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is conquering the world and enterprises are undergoing digital transformation via the new ICT technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Broadband & SDN. Through the use of these technologies, the entire world becomes more connected and productive. This will impact consumers, businesses and enterprises and make […]

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Mentoring at Lean Startup Machine Jerusalem: Who Gains More?

Honestly, I love working with innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. There’s something about their addictive passion and relentless commitment to get things done that resonates with me.  While that addictive drive is great, the big vision that every product, idea, or concept has the potential to be the next Facebook, Waze or Outbrain is a bit […]

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