Mentoring at Lean Startup Machine Jerusalem: Who Gains More?

Honestly, I love working with innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. There’s something about their addictive passion and relentless commitment to get things done that resonates with me.  While that addictive drive is great, the big vision that every product, idea, or concept has the potential to be the next Facebook, Waze or Outbrain is a bit [...]

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Review of GoAnimate! Quality Product Videos while Saving Time and Money

It’s no surprise that video is conquering the web. It’s the shareable content that people love. Especially with micro video content platforms like Vine and Instagram, high quality engaging storytelling is the wave of the future. Over the last few years, video marketing has shifted from a luxury product that only a few brands could [...]

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My Favorite Visual Content Tools that I Use for Clients

  Anyone in the field of social media marketing wants the same thing- to stand out among the noise.  By now, it’s pretty clear that visuals are the key to engaging an audience and clearly telling a brand’s story. Why Visuals? In the micro-content and mobile world we live in, our eyes move super fast [...]

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